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Workshop with students of CuMMA Master’s degree programme at Aalto University Helsinki
11 to 15 of March, Helsinki 2013

Prof. Nora Sternfeld invited us to work with her students from CuMMA (Curating, Managing and Mediating Art), a Master’s degree programme at Aalto University Helsinki for one week.
Under the title “Space Matters” we were dealing questions within the context of space, such as: What is a social space? What is a public space? How can the museum become a contact zone?
The Finnish Museum of Photography opened its doors to us, so we could experiment in a real space, thinking together about the notion and logics of space, from the dimensions of agency in “social spaces” to the material needs and infrastructure necessary for creating spaces that can be inhabited. After talking about our approach working as exhibition designers, showing examples and discussing, we decided to interfere within the museum, using mainly tape (that usually marks a construction site) to materialize and make our questions visible.