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Toledo i Dertschei
Eva Dertschei, Carlos Toledo
Lindengasse 56/2/20
1070 Wien, Austria
tel +43 1 523 32 12 14
cel +43 676 617 64 10
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Office screens
Vienna, 2018

VertretungsNetz is a public institution in Austria, that takes up the interests and represents the rights of patients, persons in need of nursing care and people unable to represent themselves.

For the office headquarters we realized a concept that that puts the issues of VertretungsNetz in an global context. A grid of dots covers the glass walls of all offices and meeting rooms. The network has a slight curvature, similar to the geographical coordinate lines on a globe. We related the issues of VertretungsNetz with an initiative of UNESCO that unites cities around the world to work together against racism, discrimination and xenophobia: International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities (ICCAR) We selected cities from all regions of the world, who joined the ICCAR and located them on the dot network that spans the glass walls. The cities are represented by green dots and the details of latitude and longitude in a light gray. On the office doors the name of the city is written to personalize every office. On the meeting rooms the grid of dots is reversed and the city names are a bit more visibly in green and horizontal.