studio TiD
Toledo i Dertschei
Eva Dertschei, Carlos Toledo
Lindengasse 56/2/20
1070 Wien, Austria
tel +43 1 523 32 12 14
cel +43 676 617 64 10
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Curatorial work
Concept thematic passages: Vitus Weh for Q21/MQ

The art space Typopassage deals with the relationship between content and form. Using socio-politically relevant texts, the typefaces in which they are set are examined in terms of design. For each exhibition five posters are created, which are displayed in illuminated showcases in the public space of Vienna's Museum Quarter (Q21/MQ). A folding poster of the current exhibition motive is available in a vending machine.

Toledo i Dertschei have been curating Typopassage since November 2015. The concept they have developed pairs nominated writers and typesetters in such a way that for each exhibition, a writer is invited to provide a passage of text, and a designer is invited to design it. Both are asked to nominate a colleague who will be invited to the next exhibition. The exchange and networking between these different disciplines is an important part of the work and contributes to mutual understanding.

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