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Exhibition design
Vienna, July-August 2013
Kunsthalle Exnergasse, WUK
Curator: Suzana Milevska

In 2013 two exhibitions on the reality of Roma people were presented at the Kunsthalle Exnergasse at the WUK.

The traveling exhibition: Romani Lives, portraits the life of European Romanis in the XXI Century. Highlighting the difficulty of being an ethic minority in Spain. The photographs were displayed diagonally trough the second part of the room in traditionally exhibition stands.

The second exhibition “To One´s Name”, focused on the situation of the Roma-community and the consequences that come with that name. For Suzana Milevska this exhibition works as a contradiction of the first one, leaving the nostalgic years behind and focusing on the current reality of Roma people in Europe.

Mainly working with Suzana Milevska for the second exhibition, a series of political art pieces were displayed in construction fences, separating both exhibitions in one room. This gave the visitors the chance of choosing where to start.