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Configuration 1

Exhibition design
Vienna, 2006
Client: Initiative Minderheiten, Wiener Mozartjahr
Curators: Ljubomir Bratic, Araba
Evelyn Johnston-Arthur, Lisl Ponger,
Nora Sternfeld, Luisa Ziaja

The project “Hidden Histories – Remapping Mozart” consisted of 4 exhibitions (called configurations) which took place at 4 locations in Vienna over an eight-month period from March to October 2006.

We designed the architecture for all exhibitions that were presented in very different places. To build up the presentation walls we used cardboard. Red velvet padded cardboard boxes served for seats. This design was adapted to each space.

Here you can see configuration 1 that took place in the concert room of the Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik, one of the world’s eldest piano manufacturers.

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